Eventique event with JCC

White Hot Saturday Night

The Manhattan chapter of the JCC has looked to Eventique to produce its annual fundraising gala over the years, where the agency has developed themes from a Night in Marrakesh to an event re-enactment / contemporary interpretation of Lewis Carroll’s classic novel, “Through the Looking Glass.” Every year, these galas, held in the JCC Manhattan’s gymnasium, requires ingenuity and creativity to change up themes and keep 250+ guests excited and inspired within the confines of a room where basketball was played just hours earlier.

2018’s White Hot Saturday Night theme was aptly subtitled “Your Future Awaits,” where the organization wanted to seize the moment in addressing the future of the JCC. In turn, Eventique took futuristic concepts and put them into play in the event space, where metallic and mirroring fixtures were a prominent feature. First, as sometimes you have look back to move forward, Eventique had a custom-built “white hot” neon sign inscribing this year’s theme upon guest’s entry. Light continued to be an inspiration throughout the evening, whether reflecting off groupings of large-scale metallic spheres and mirror balls, LED tube installations, or as part of the evening’s entertainment with an LED drummer and DJ. For guest interactions, a mirror booth provided a moment for sharing social media engagements, while a roaming tarot card reader looked into the futures of those who obliged.

The agency was pleased to hear that the JCC hit a milestone in the Manhattan chapter’s fundraising efforts this year.






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