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Who are you? How long have you been around?

We are Eventique! Founded by industry experts who specialize in creating innovative, sophisticated and cutting edge events, we have developed a rich knowledge and understanding of the event, art and hospitality worlds. We are storytellers, believing that the experience of the event can have a major impact on guests. We are creatives where our backgrounds provide original concepts for our client. We are producers, with the technical expertise to put ideas into form through staging, audio visual, lighting, design and decor. It is our mission to ensure each and every event is thoughtfully produced and curated to create a moment that forges lifelong impressions. Eventique was formed in 2006;  the company’s founder, and its key staff, have extensive years in the event production and creative worlds well beyond since Eventique was formed.

What do you do?

We strategize, conceptualize, curate, design and develop all concepts to produce extraordinary results.  Our expertise include; international events, conferences, product launches, brand activations, company retreats, major public events, concerts, social gatherings, private dinners, galas and fundraisers, weddings, art exhibitions, and unique and custom experiences. We are committed to providing our clients with the strongest foundation for their success. Our insight into our clients needs and requirements, together with our commitment to the best hospitality guarantees that we always bring visions to life in a way that surpasses all expectations.

What services do you offer?

Event management; full event production; logistics and planning; communications and event strategy; creative direction; design and decor; digital design and content creation; custom builds; audio visual; staging; lighting; technical direction; venue sourcing; script writing and copy; food and beverage concepts; entertainment and talent procurement; health and safety; budget management; travel and transportation management; and more. The executive team at Eventique has diverse backgrounds, from the music and entertainment industries to media to marketing and public relations, our knowledge across many sectors runs deep.

Who do you work with? Who are your customers?

Many of our clients are local, national, and global brands in consumer products, retailers, technology, financial services and more. These companies work with Eventique to produce meetings and conferences, product launches, trade shows, social functions, experiential events, pop-up events, etc. Non-profit organizations ask Eventique to produce their galas and fundraising events. We also work in the private sector by producing a variety of social functions like weddings and religious celebrations.

Where do you produce events? Are you International?

Our headquarters are in New York, but we produce events all over the U.S. year-round. And yes, we have planned events outside of the United States, from Mexico to London to the UAE.

I have an event but I’m not sure what I need. What do I do?

Talk to us. We’ll get a sense of what you’re looking to accomplish, and give you a top-line recommendation of what you need and what it would cost. Some things to think about before we talk include: about how many people will attend your event; how long would you like the event to take place; where would you like the event to take place, and when; and what do you want the event attendees to walk away with at the end of the event.

What are the costs involved?

There are many variables to the cost of an event; how many people are attending; what kind of environment do you want to create; etc. Eventique’s fees also vary depending on what role we play; some events require a management fee, while others may be a percentage of the total event cost.

What if I booked a space already and I just need a few things like flowers or a DJ?

Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll give you a quick response if we can help. If we can’t, we’ll do our best to point you in the right direction.

What if I booked a space already and I just need a few things like flowers or a DJ?

Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll give you a quick response if we can help. If we can’t, we’ll do our best to point you in the right direction.

Why should I work with Eventique? How are you different from other event companies?

In a time where we are increasingly flooded with information and it’s challenging to get a message across, we like to think that we take a thoughtful and artistic approach to developing memorable experiences that stir up emotions, conversations, and shareable moments. We believe we’re different from other event companies because we offer in-house creative resources that others don’t provide. Many conventional event companies do not have a team in place with such diverse backgrounds as Eventique.

I’m not sure if I need an event planner or an event producer. Are they the same thing?

Not really. An event planner is usually one person who puts some basic components of an event together, and hires other people or vendors to do the other parts of the event that are required. An event producer has a larger role, that is responsible for assembling an entire event from scratch.

If I work with you, do I work with one person? What does the working relationship look like?

It depends on the scale of your event, but normally our events require a team of people. You’re always assigned a point-person for convenience, and that person has quick answers and access to everyone that’s responsible for making your event a success. The point-person will bring other team members such as a food and beverage specialist or production manager  into meetings as appropriate.

Can I work for you?

We’re always looking or great talent! Email us at and we’ll get back to you.

Do you have a mailing list?

Yes! Sign up for it at newsletter

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