Eventique event with IPsoft

IPsoft Holiday Party

To cap off a banner year, IPsoft asked Eventique to create a holiday party that would defy a conventional corporate holiday gathering. Eventique helped the technology company realize its vision of transporting guests to Iceland by identifying elements that make the Nordic island such a mystique and exotic destination.

Because of its grandiose impact in showcasing nature’s power and beauty, The Museum of Natural History was a fitting venue for the journey. Taking inspiration from Iceland’s volcanoes and glaciers, the agency transformed the museum’s lobby and Ocean Life Room into a cavernous world of larger-than-life environments. Instead of fabricating icebergs, Eventique brought in real ice for two matching displays that framed the dance floor, along with a photo booth where guests appeared to be inside an ice cave, where a continuously changing backdrop made no two photos alike.

The multi-dimensional LED walls that wrapped the performance stage had custom-designed live kaleidoscopic images of snowflake formations, leaving one feeling that the music from the full band were directing the scenery. As the 600+ guests ventured through the split-level room to experience 20 distinctive food stations, the decor throughout replicated ice and snow with hard-edged lines, while the placement of the furnishings evoked a cascade effect of coming from various source points in the rooms.
After arriving to the site by vintage double-decker bus, guests were promptly taken out of their reality and below ground to Wythe Manor, where they were directed to Lady Sibyl’s boudoir to change into a Victorian-steampunk costume before venturing into the party.






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Gallons of Water Used for the Sculpted Ice


Bare-Chested Bartenders in "Fire" and "Ice" Body Paint


Massive Blue Whale Looking Down on Partygoers