American Standard Event

The Art of Bathing

American Standard approached Eventique to help the brand conceptualize and produce a consumer experiential event in a high traffic area of New York City to showcase their latest home and bath products.

In Eventique’s research, the agency discovered that 89% of consumers polled had reported that their favorite bathroom ritual is singing in the shower.

With that intel, Eventique created “Shower Karaoke,” where 3 self-contained bathroom units that included American Standard’s latest products were placed in Times Square. Loaded with virtual reality features, the units acted as performance booths where participants sang their favorite songs.

The singing microphone was built into a loofah, adding a comical and kitsch element to the “performance.” Eventique designed the most realistic 3D animations to play in the virtual reality headsets, replicating the bathrooms they were in, with running water and steam from the shower. Karaoke words to the songs appeared in the scene, and guests performed against each other, all judged by an emcee and live streamed onto a large LED wall.

Winners parted with a gift bag of American Standard products.


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