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There’s been no shortage of surprises and moments that have turned our heads since the beginning of the year. OK, more like the last two years. We’ve deviated from sharing our culture and what client work we’ve been up to because we’ve had our noses way, way down. And after two years, it just got to us. We’re damn proud of our team for their perseverance and ingenuity. We’re grateful for our clients for trusting us and steering them to new experiences. So we had the novel idea of starting a newsletter to tell these stories. We hope you enjoy them as much as we got to reflect on them.

Liron David Eventique Founder


Eventique was born on the dance floors of the hottest nightclubs in New York City — literally

Back in 2001, those were my favorite places to be. I paid my way through college by slinging deli sandwiches at Boston’s only real kosher deli during the day and DJing until 2 a.m. every night. When I wasn’t in the DJ booth, I was soaking up the vibe at the club with a cocktail in my hand. That’s where I met one of my first…

Sephoria House of Beauty


It’s 10 a.m. on Sept. 18, 2021. You’re one of the country’s top beauty influencers, and you’re sitting in front of your computer with swag, makeup, and other beauty products from Sephora covering your desk. They arrived on your doorstep just in time for this moment. You pull up and — holding your breath — enter your login. Then, it happens: The virtual doors open, and you “step” inside a massive digital…

Eric Wielander Eventique


When Eric Wielander was in his 20s, he was neck-deep in the New York City music scene working as a journalist, editor, andpublisher.

“I probably went to about four shows a week. I would see a variety of different bands in a variety of different venues, from tiny clubs and bars to arenas,”…