Digital Workforce Summit with Eventique

Digital Workforce Summit

IPsoft are leaders in Artificial Intelligence research and development, with 100+ offices worldwide. In late 2016, the disruptive technology company came to Eventique to help conceptualize, design and produce a landmark event that would become the Digital Workforce Summit (DWS).

Initially, DWS’s goal was to mark the launch of the next major evolution of IPsoft’s revolutionary software, “Amelia” — the most human and comprehensive AI platform in the global market. 500 attendees were given an immersion in the product, while beginning broader conversations about the general state of AI technology. As part of the 2017 event’s production, Eventique transformed a raw 10,000 square foot floor of IPsoft’s offices into a permanent interactive AI technology zone known as “Amelia City.”

In 2018, Eventique helped IPsoft pivot the following year’s conference with an environment that suited the summit’s most current needs: a broader focus on high-level discussions and thought leadership, with more than double the amount of attendees from the inaugural year. With DWS needing a new home to accommodate the increased guest count, the summit was held at Cipriani 25 Broadway in New York’s Financial District, where world leaders in the science, technology, and engineering industries converged for a one-day immersive event. A 30-foot tall LED screen, the largest ever installed in the venue, was a central display for compelling motion graphics and the plethora of information provided about the summit. 90″ LED screens flanked the centerpiece wall for additional mapping of the motion graphics, as well as two additional 16’ x 9’ screens centered in the room for presentations and IMAG capturing.

After a day-long series of keynotes, conversations, and panel discussions, the nearly 1,200 attendees — a mix of leaders in Artificial Intelligence, Chief Technology Officers, and software developers — were then brought to “Amelia City” office for a VVIP reception.






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