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Lean Lehman, Eventique’s Director of Partnerships + Events

What have you been up to these days?
I’m planning a 600 person tech marketing conference in Las Vegas in addition to a number of events — including planning my own wedding! It’s taking over my life right now, haha…

And you used to be a wedding planner. What advice do you have for other folks in your shoes?
Stay as focused as possible and make decisions as soon as you can. You can research forever, but you have to follow your gut, do what’s important to you and your significant other, and be ready to make compromises. People’s availability becomes scarce, so the longer you wait, your pool of options gets smaller, especially if you’re getting married in peak season between May and November.

Have you been to any events lately that have inspired you?
I just came back from the Daytona 500; watching them plan for the pre-race moment where they introduce their drivers, as an event planner it was interesting to see the quick turnaround they had to make, and to do so in front of such a large audience. You don’t get any of that when, say, you’re watching the Super Bowl halftime show on TV.

Have you noticed any new trends in the events industry?
A few trends I’m seeing are balloon installations, floral walls, charcoal gray tones are sexy, classy, and elegant… and a lot of people are playing with asymmetrical, tube, and neon lighting.

So, as our Director of Partnerships + Events, what would you say is your most critical role?
Putting the clients at ease so they feel OK with what we’re about to venture into. I’m supported by great storytellers who are innovative, and it’s my job for the client to feel like we’re aligned to creating a successful plan to ensure the client’s objectives are not just met but exceeded.

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